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Enhance the style and performance of your ride with our premium window tinting services! Specializing in the revolutionary SolarFX Tint Series, our window tinting solutions provide the most advanced features, such as 99% ultraviolet A/B rejection, great optical clarity, and a stylized appearance that will make your ride look sleek and modern. Best of all? Each film protection series comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty! If you're ready for optimal protection, glare reduction, and improved comfort during your commute, talk with the experts at The Tint Shop today! 


SolarFX Tints

CarbonFX Series

The CarbonFX Series stands as the epitome of color stability, boasting a deep, black hue that remains true over time. Employing cutting-edge dyes, CarbonFX ensures unparalleled vibrancy. 

Crafted from a 2-ply, 1.5Mil polyester film, it undergoes multiple stages of UV inhibitor infusion during production, safeguarding its rich color while effectively blocking 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It reigns supreme among dyed films, backed by our premium lifetime warranty, guaranteeing minimal color alteration. 

IRFX Series

The IRFX Series stands out as an innovative IR Blocking Film, achieving a remarkable 62% IR rejection rate. Driven by our exclusive IR technology, it elevates both the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle on scorching days. 

Featuring color stability for deep black hues, flawless optical clarity free from distortion, unparalleled scratch resistance, 99% Ultraviolet A/B rejection, and a top-tier lifetime warranty, it sets the standard for excellence in window film technology. 

FXtreme2 Series

The FXtreme2 Nano-Ceramic series employs an exclusive non-metalized ceramic material meticulously engineered to combat heat by rejecting up to 88% of IR and blocking 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. 

Integrated into the 2-ply, 2.0Mil Color-Stable polyester, this cutting-edge technology excels in maintaining vehicle coolness, mitigating sun damage to interiors, and ensuring compatibility with modern electronics. 

Backed by our Premium lifetime warranty, FXtreme2 guarantees minimal color change over time. 

FX Plus Series

The FX PLUS Series stands as the pinnacle of Nano-Ceramic Window Films, prioritizing maximum heat rejection and performance. Tailored for High IR Rejection (96%) and Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER), it not only blocks 99% of harmful UVA/UVB rays but also mitigates sun damage to vehicle interiors. 

Featuring color stability with rich black tones, this film ensures excellent optical clarity without distortion, along with an unparalleled scratch-resistant coating, 99% Ultraviolet A/B rejection, and a premium lifetime warranty for comprehensive protection. 

Factory Tinted Vehicles

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