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At The Tint Shop, we're on the cutting edge of new film technology to offer our customers the highest quality window tinting services in Northeast Arkansas. The science of nanotechnology is one of the most evolving sciences in the world today. From biotech to aerospace, the implementation of nanotechnology has exponentially advanced many industries, window film being one of them. 

 Essentially, what we're doing is manipulating the solar spectrum. The solar spectrum includes UV Radiation, Visible Light, and infrared radiation. Each of these components has an impact on heat gain. Through molecular science, scientists have engineered Nanoparticles (one billionth of a meter) to identify and absorb vast amounts of infrared heat, practically all the UV radiation, and varying degrees of the Visible Light component. 

It’s a process that allows our films to achieve a term referred to as “Spectral Selectivity.” Through this science, NASA could engage heat-rejective elements into the Space Shuttle design and then further down the line into the Stealth Bomber. 

We’d like to think we're putting more nanotechnology onto car glass than Area 51 does with experimental aircraft. But we’ll never really know, will we? 

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Vehicle Tinting

Ready for a sleek window tint on your vehicle that adds privacy, UV protection and reduces heat, keeping you comfortable-year round? Learn more about taking your vehicle to the next level with our window tinting services.

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Equipment Tinting

Keep you and your team safe when you invest in window tinting for specialty equipment. From bulldozers to backhoes to off-road vehicles and more, we've got your windows covered--literally! 

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Residential & Commercial

Our window tinting goes far beyond vehicles, we can apply the same protective films to your commercial and residential properties. Add privacy and increase energy efficient for your home or business today with window tinting!

Why Our Tint Is Better

Factory Tinted Vehicles

Using the best window films, our over 30 years of experience gives The Tint Shop a professional edge with automotive window tinting. We pride ourselves on staying current with the best product to always provide exceptional tinting results! If you're ready to upgrade your home, business, or automobile with quality window tinting that goes above and beyond, call The Tint Shop in Jonesboro, AR, today! We promise our services are a cut above the rest, and you'll be amazed at the result. And with competitive prices, you can be confident in choosing us! 


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